Kaffeegang was created 2017 while Ken worked as an intern and wanted to turn his passion called specialty coffee into a small fun blog on Instagram. After some months Antonia told Ken that she really liked the idea of his blog and that she wanted to join him.

Ken was born and raised in Luxembourg. He moved to Berlin to study marketingcommunication and is now working as a Barista at Röststätte. Antonia was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She moved to Berlin to study photography and is now working as a Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer.


We started to create our own corporate identity and developed a visual concept for our Instagram feed so we could really start doing what we actually wanted to do the whole time: share our love for good coffee.

We want to be a plattform for all the coffeelovers (Berlin based or wherever you're at the moment) and start to show you what's so special about the so-called specialty coffee.
With the help of a lot of our friends we want to visualize this whole specialty coffee vibe.

If you're interested in working with us just send us an E-Mail: kaffeegang@gmx.de