My name is Ken. I’m a coffee enthusiast, barista, home brewer, roaster and a creative. A couple of years ago, I found out about specialty coffee and ever since my whole world turned upside down. Originally from Luxembourg, I moved to Berlin in 2015 in order to study Marketing & communications. During this time, I got hooked by the extraordinary coffee scene Berlin has. I was fascinated by all the cool and diverse characters working in coffee and sharing an immense passion for a “quite simple product”.

Well, back then, I thought it was a quite simple product, today I know it’s not!
Nonetheless, during my internship I decided to open up “Kaffeegang”, an instagram account focussing on recommending great coffee shops & roasteries in Berlin. After a short time, Antonia joined and we hit it off from the start. We dove into the world of specialty coffee. We started going to coffee events around Berlin, visited coffee festivals, drank amazing coffees, created amazing content and the most important thing - we connected with the community!

The coffee community got me hooked and I couldn’t believe that I found something was really passionate about. After finishing my studies, I first started working in a communication agency, where I realized after 7-8 months that I didn’t belong there, that I had to do something with coffee. So I decided to quit my job and started working at a coffee shop in Berlin. This place is called Milchhalle - a lovely cafe in Mitte, where I learnt the basics about dialing in coffee, pulling espresso shots and pouring latte art. I really enjoyed doing coffee and dealing with customers and quickly realized that I took the right step.

During my time at Milchhalle, I first participated at a “coffee competition” - the Chemex Cup, a fun coffee competition organized by Coffee Circle and I became 2nd. It was such a learnful experience and I realized that competing is something I wanted to do more often.
With this in mind, I joined Röststätte, a well established specialty coffee roastery from Berlin. Working there, helped me realize that there was so much more to learn about coffee. I was suddenly surrounded by skillful baristas who shared the same passion as I was and it helped me improve. With the help of my bosses and colleagues, I decided to register for the german Brewers Cup 2020, which, due t Covid19 got cancelled, but nonetheless in anticipation for the competition, I trained a lot, improving my sensorial and brewing skills. It made me a better coffee professional.

The coffee scene changed a lot through the pandemic. No coffee events, no customers inside the shop, no real interaction with people through coffee. BUT, Covid19 still had some good sides, cause it made me buy a home roaster and I started August 63 (august.dreiundsechzig) a coffee roasting project with the focus on showcasing unique and delicious specialty coffee. One step further into becoming a self-employed coffee professional.

Now we have 2021 and I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m gonna move to Mallorca in February and start off a new chapter on my coffee journey. I want to focus a lot more on this blog, create interesting content and become self-employed in coffee.I hope you will join me on my adventure and keep on reading this blog.


If you're interested in working with me just send an E-Mail: kaffeegang@gmx.de